Draught Beers & Cider

TENNENT’S 4%  Scottish lager     £4.50

Tennent’s Lager has been the market leader in Scotland since it was first brewed. A distinctive, well-balanced lager with sweet, malty flavors that combine with a tangy hoppiness to create its crisp, refreshing character.

MALTSMITHS 4,6%  Scottish craft lager    £4.50

Featuring Bavarian style barley and yeast for an authentic flavor, classic European and American hops are used in combination to give a delicate citrus, herbal and peppery spiciness. A starter for those looking to get ‘craftier.’

BELHAVEN BEST 3,2%  Scottish ale    £4.20

The quintessential qua able ale. Honey-coloured Belhaven Best is smooth and beautifully balanced in taste and body.

GUINNESS 4,1%  Irish stout     £4.50

One of the world’s best-loved beers, from the first velvety sip to its last, lingering drop, every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between is pure gorgeous… pure Guinness.


HEINEKEN 5%  Dutch lager/pilsner    £4.80

A lager with delicate malt and hop aroma, with some underlying fruity notes. It has a clean and refreshing finish.


PERONI 5,1%  Italian premium lager   £5.00

Since 1963 Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been brewed in Italy with craftsmanship, passion and flair creating a balance of bitterness and citrus aromatic notes with a crisp, dry finish.

STRONGBOW 4,5%  English cider    £4.20

The most famous cider on the planet. Strongbow’s famous refreshment is characterised by its bittersweet, Hertfordshire apples – sharp and tangy with lively effervescence and a crisp dryness.

For a full range of bottled beer and cider please ask one of our servers. 

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